Meet Gold Coast marriage celebrant, Michelle Anderson!

WOULD ALWAYS: brush my teeth 3 times a day
WOULD NEVER: bungee jump. I mean, what if the guy was stoned and didn’t measure the rope properly. Then ‘splat’, game over. Sky diving is more my thing.

PICKY ABOUT: grammar. I’m a grammar nazi.
NOT SO PICKY ABOUT: hair colour. I was once a brunette but my Sri Lankan ancestors passed down the white gene so I have had to embrace a new shade.

I FEEL FOR: Madonna’s back up dancers. She was so drunk at her Brisbane show recently and the hot black guys had to carry her off stage!
NO SYMPATHY: birds. It’s called Ornithophobia. So I strictly forbid the releasing of doves at ceremonies!

GLAD IT’S AHEAD OF ME: losing my memory. When that happens, my friends and I can tell the same stories over and over and be entertained each and every time.
GLAD IT’S BEHIND ME: my 20’s. I used to care about what other people thought about me, but in my 30’s I embraced my quirky individuality.

EARLY FOR: parties. I like to get started ASAP.
LATE FOR: festivals. I study the line up and arrive only at the required time so as not to waste dancing energy.

BEST THING ABOUT BEING A CELEBRANT: flirting with the groomsmen 😉
WORSE THING ABOUT ATTENDING WEDDINGS FOR A LIVING: there’s a bad thing? I haven’t discovered that yet.

WOULD PAY GOOD MONEY FOR: Manchester. Good sheets and towels make me smile from ear to ear.
WOULDN’T TAKE EVEN IF FREE: death metal album. I like most styles of music but I can’t get my head around the screaming.

FEAR CONQUERED: heights. I abseiled down the side of the Hilton hotel & survived!
NOT QUITE THERE YET: birds. See above.

FARTHEST VACATION: Transylvania. Who doesn’t want to do vampire slaying for fun!
NEAREST: my home. I live on the beach so every day feels like a holiday.

WOULD TRY: flying a plane.
NO THANKS: making a wedding cake. My cooking abilities leave a lot to be desired.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 3rd best celebrant in qld award from ABIA. Being invited to appear at the Bridal Expo in Budapest, Romania. News articles.
LOW POINT: mispronouncing the name “Варсонофий Пантелеймонович Крестовоздвиженский”

LIE ABOUT: pronouncing Russian names.
HONEST ABOUT: the number of weddings I have officiated. To date it’s 300 and I’m stoked about that.

TOO MUCH IN MY LIFE: is it possible to have too many best friends? Mine are truly gold so I can’t possibly cull them!
NOT ENOUGH: dance music. I haven’t done the Melbourne Shuffle in ages.

SUBJECT I WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT: learning to rap! It started out as a tongue in cheek promo but now the rappers around town really are teaching me.
SUBJECT I AVOID: birds. See above.

WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER: volunteering in Sri Lanka at an orphanage and teaching English to the Buddhist monks.
WOULD RATHER FORGET: an unfortunate incident involving a chimpanzee, a donkey, false teeth and a cricket cap.