Ben Carlyle is a marriage celebrant based out of Pottsville on the NSW Tweed Coast, perfectly positioned for weddings on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Check him out at

WOULD ALWAYS: Wear a bowtie, I have a healthy addiction and haven’t worn a necktie for quite a while now!
WOULD NEVER: Be late for your wedding and leave you hanging, that would be too stressful for all involved. If I was abducted by aliens, well that’s another story.

PICKY ABOUT: Being on time and people being competent at their job!!
NOT SO PICKY ABOUT: The fact that people think their wedding day’s going to be orchestrated ‘perfectly’ to the minute, let go of the fear and enjoy the ride, it will be awesome!!

I FEEL FOR: Couples when it rains on their wedding day and they have to ditch their epic outside location for an inside option, that’s not so great.
NO SYMPATHY: For people who shop based on price and then complain later that their wedding experience was average!!

GLAD IT’S AHEAD OF ME: The awesome couples, venues and vendors that I get to work with. I love my position in the industry and strive to keep on top of my game.
GLAD IT’S BEHIND ME: When I used to wear a pink shirt, no tie and black pants to a wedding whist holding that huge red book!!!

EARLY FOR: My job, I love being early to work, hanging out with the vendors and making sure my couple’s are nice and chilled.
LATE FOR: Bed, I can’t seem to fit enough into 1 day. I’m a night owl but up early too!

BEST THING ABOUT BEING A CELEBRANT: Connecting lovers in paradise, how epic that my job is joining 2 soulmates in an awesome marriage ceremony!! I also dig getting to turn the nervous and crazy energy into some positive, fun loving vibes in the ceremony.
WORSE THING ABOUT ATTENDING WEDDINGS FOR A LIVING: That I didn’t start this any earlier in my career. Seriously!!

WOULD PAY GOOD MONEY FOR: Nice suits and bow ties. One has to look sharp in such a big occasion.
WOULDN’T TAKE EVEN IF FREE: A madonna headset mic or a bad PA.

FEAR CONQUERED: Rolling ad-lib in the ceremony to suit the vibe needed in the moment, steering the love boat in the right direction.
NOT QUITE THERE YET: The numerous languages couples get me to speak in their ceremonies. Sounded like a good idea at the time…

FARTHEST VACATION: Off to Japan to snowboard in 2 weeks but I’ve been lucky to travel through Europe, North America and parts of Asia
NEAREST: Byron Bay with my family when we can’t be bothered going camping further south.

WOULD TRY: A wedding on the top of a mountain and then snowboard to the bottom. Pick me, pick me!!!
NO THANKS: A wedding in the nude!?

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: A wedding in the surf, in the actual surf, so freaking cool. Plus getting props from VIP’s about the way I do what I do!
LOW POINT: That one time I called a groom Tom 3 times instead of Lachlan, his finance’s name was Teegan and I had recently married a Teegan & Tom. They were super happy & not phased but I kicked myself for that one.

LIE ABOUT: When the sun’s pumping and my wife asks how long I was out for.
HONEST ABOUT: My feelings, wearing my heart on my sleeve and sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain has equated the reactions the words may have.

TOO MUCH IN MY LIFE: Too much time in the surf, this is a passion/ addiction/ zen state kind of thing.
NOT ENOUGH: Stillness, there needs to be a pause button, where I can just chill and be still. It’s a busy life I live, especially being a Dad.

SUBJECT I WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT: Having an awesome time in your wedding ceremony and having epic wedding vendors by your side!
SUBJECT I AVOID: Budget Bogan Weddings.

WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER: When I walked away from my career as a Tradie to pursue this awesome path. The jumping off that cliff was scary but so refreshing, it changed my life.
WOULD RATHER FORGET: When I wore a white vest to a wedding, seemed like good idea at the time… the vest has now been dyed blue.

BETTER THAN I EXPECTED: I really haven’t had to many Bridezillas, maybe being near Byron it’s all Bridechilla.
WORSE THAN I EXPECTED: Unprofessional wedding planners, damn they can make shit stressful!! Like more stressful than if they were even involved at all.

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